Practice makes Perfect  

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It's been a week, since I posted something in this blog.. I was quite busy doing some research and practicing the minor and major scales hehe..

The Potter's Hand  

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Last night, I was watching some video devotionals by Jeremy Camp. There I was lounging at my sofa bed when Jeremy Camp caught my attention as he spoke these words..."I was a hardened clay then..."

I could somehow relate to what he is saying. We know that God is the potter and we are the clay. But we must allow God to mold us and shape us to be used for His purpose. However, there are times that we tend to harden our hearts and run away from the mighty hand of God...We think that we can do it ourselves; that we can live independently away from God's presence. But we are very wrong. The clay cannot mold and shape itself - only the potter can do that. And if we allow the potter (God) to mold us and shape us for His purpose, then we can be sure that our lives will be more fruitful and meaningful...because we have lived our lives according to what God has intended us to be...

I woke up this morning with a desire to play this music to the potter who made me...

All for love  

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This is one of the songs that has greatly moved me... I cried the first time I heard this song..because I can really relate to what the lyrics is saying. There were times that I amost gave up on myself because it seems that I cannot live up to what God wants me to do. But God forgives...

Awit ng Paghahangad  

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This is my second video file, entitled "Awit ng Paghahangad". I recorded it this morning while my internet connection was having problems hehe. I am deeply touched by this is about a person talking about his great hunger, thirst, and gratitude for God...

o diyos ikaw ang laging hanap
loob koy ikaw ang tanging hangad
nauuhaw akong parang tigang na lupa
sa tubig ng iyong pag aaruga

ikay pagmamasdan sa dakong banal
nang makita ko ang iyong pagkarangal
dadalangin akong nakataas aking kamay
magagalak na aawit na ang papuriy iaalay

gunita koy ikaw habang nahihimlay
pagkat ang tulong mo s tuwinay taglay
sa lilim ng iyong mga pakpak
umaawit akong buong galak

aking kaluluway kumakapit sayo
kaligtasay tiyak kung hawak mo ako
magdiriwang ang hari ang diyos syang dahilan
ang sa iyo ay nangako
galak yaong makakamtan

umaawit, umaawit, umaawit akong buong galak

My very first windows movie maker file  

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I was supposed to be doing something else a while ago, but I was in the mood of playing my keyboard. This is the first time I took a video of myself playing the keyboard hehe.. I used windows movie maker to create this. Originally, I intended to sing along while I play but I must admit to myself that I'm not that good as a singer. So what I did was I placed the lyrics at the lower portion of the video. Glory to God for the musical gift that he gave me =)

I confess my hope
In the light of Your salvation
Where I lose myself
I will find You're all I need

Sing my soul
Of the Saviour's love
Sing my soul
Unto God alone

I will meet You here
In the life we call surrender
Let the world I know
Be the glory of Your grace

You alone are God
You alone are God
We declare the glory of Your name

Reign in all the earth
Reign in all the earth Jesus

All For Love  

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Intro: G  A/C#  D  G/B  A/C#  D

Verse 1: 
G        A/C#           D 
All for love, a Father gave 
G         A/C#             Bm 
For only love could make a way 
G        A/C#             Bm   G     A/C#           D 
All for love, the heavens cried for love was crucified 
              A/C#                     Bm 
Oh, how many times have I broken Your heart 
                  G             D 
But still You forgive if only I ask 
              A/C#                   Bm 
And how many times have You heard me pray 
Draw near to me
A            E/G#    F#m 
Everything I need is You 
My beginning, my forever 
A            E/G#    F#m D 
Everything I need is You 
Verse 2: 
G         A/C#       D 
Let me sing all for love 
G        A/C#          D 
I will join the angel song 
G     A/C#        Bm 
Ever holy is the Lord 
G        A/C#          D 
King of glory, King of all 
F#m  D  F#m  D 
Verse 3: 
D        E/G#          A 
All for love a Savior prayed 
D     E/G#              A 
Abba Father, have Your way 
D           E/G#               A 
Though they know not what they do 
D        E/G#             F#m9 
Let the cross draw man to You, to You 
To You, to You

All About You  

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Intro: A - E/G# - F#m - D
Hear our praises
E                        D
Hear your people sing
Hear our hearts cry
E                        D
Your love is everything


    F#m       E/G#                    A              Bm7
And all will hear this sound as the nations turn to you
    F#m                E
And this will be our anthem...

'Cause its all about you
And the world You promised
            F#m               E
And all we have we give you praise
'Cause its all about you
And the world can't stop us
            F#m       E
Living your way always!!

Back to Intro, then do the same  for verse 2.

Let our hearts break
As we praise you name
Let the Earth shake
This is the sound of faith.

Bm                      F#m
And the walls will fall down 
And religion will break 
Bm                   F#m
And the nations will hear this shout
         D                   A
Can you hear the shout of faith

    A                  E/G#
And all the walls are falling down 
   F#m               D
As all the nations praise
    A                  E/G#
And all the world will hear this shout
   F#m             D        A
Can you hear the shout of faith