The Potter's Hand  

Posted by len

Last night, I was watching some video devotionals by Jeremy Camp. There I was lounging at my sofa bed when Jeremy Camp caught my attention as he spoke these words..."I was a hardened clay then..."

I could somehow relate to what he is saying. We know that God is the potter and we are the clay. But we must allow God to mold us and shape us to be used for His purpose. However, there are times that we tend to harden our hearts and run away from the mighty hand of God...We think that we can do it ourselves; that we can live independently away from God's presence. But we are very wrong. The clay cannot mold and shape itself - only the potter can do that. And if we allow the potter (God) to mold us and shape us for His purpose, then we can be sure that our lives will be more fruitful and meaningful...because we have lived our lives according to what God has intended us to be...

I woke up this morning with a desire to play this music to the potter who made me...

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